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Contributing Arts and Culture Writer

Feb. 2016-present // Author Page // As a Contributing Arts and Culture Writer with ALIVE Magazine, my work involves pitching relevant stories, developing unique narratives, and crafting engaging human interest stories for their massive readership in print and online.

ALIVE Magazine is a St. Louis-based lifestyle magazine and media outlet highlighting stories about artists, makers, creatives, and entrepreneurs across the midwest, offering interviews and features on interesting people doing remarkable things in the middle of America. 


Various Publications
Freelance writer

Feb. 2013-present // Often using contemporary political and cultural moments as a jumping off point, my freelance articles and essays explore a number of different critical conversations, emphasizing black radical political theory and practice. From investigating the implications of  viral video footage of police shootings, to questing the role of citizenship in our present world, my writing offers fresh perspectives and commentary on relevant issues, questions, discoveries, and more. 

  • The Nation - "How Brunch Helped Defeat a 7-Term Incumbent" [X]
  • Broadly/VICE - "The Sex-Ed Duo 'Taking Down White Supremacy One Orgasm at a Time'" [X]
  • The New Inquiry - "Environmental Racism in St. Louis" [X]
  • The Establishment - "Maybe Citizenship is Bullshit: Thoughts on the Muslim Travel Ban" [X]
  • The Establishment - "We Can't Talk About Standing Rock Without Talking About Cultural Appropriation" [X]
  • The Establishment - "The Insidious Problem of Racism 'By Omission'" [X]
  • The Riverfront Times - "Wassan Al-Khudhairi Has Two Tasks: Get to Know St. Louis, and Move CAM Past Controversy" [X]
  • Salon - Author page [X]
  • Blavity - Author page [X]
  • ForHarriet - Author page [X] 

Weekly columnist

Feb. 2016-Sept. 2016 // Author Page // As a columnist at Feministing, I contributed weekly blog posts featuring original commentary on newsworthy topics, covering pop culture, timely news, relevant cultural and political dialogues, and more.

Feministing is an online media outlet that regularly publishes thoughtful commentary on a variety of contemporary political and cultural topics through a feminist lens.