Content Writer | SCORCH Agency 

Producing content for blog posts, infographics, eBooks, and interactive websites; Leading the regular development and production for Microsoft's Real Stories of Digital Transformation campaign, a blog dedicated to customer-focused stories and experiences featuring Microsoft products; Developing long and short term content strategies for major clients like Microsoft, LinkedIn, and others; Gained additional experience designing brand identities, messaging, style guides, and strategies for other large clients. For samples of completed style guides, please refer to the "about + contact" page to contact me directly.


Microsoft | Real Stories of Digital Transformation | Blog series

This campaign focuses on human-centric stories, spotlighting the everyday experiences of working professionals through the use of Microsoft products. Stories for this blog series were created in collaboration with SCORCH Agency's design team.


Microsoft | Children's Hospital of LA & Armenia | Interactive website

This interactive website was created in collaboration with SCORCH Agency's interactive and design teams. Once completed, the website was featured at Microsoft's 2017 Inspire conference during the keynote presentation.

Keynote Video, Judson Althoff [X]